1955-67 adjustable off set spring plates



1955-67 adjustable off set spring plates enable you to lower the rear of your pre 1967 Volkswagen bus 3.5 inches by swapping the reduction gear transmission with a long axle type one or type three swing axle transmissions.

All of our offset spring plates come with custom shock mounts attached.

What you need to do the job

#1 A set of off set spring plates.

#2 a 68 bug swing axle transmission or a pre 67 type 3 transmission.

#3 brakes if you use the 68 bug transmission you can machine a set of pre 63 bus drums to fit over the bug brakes or if you use a type 3 you can buy wide five drums.

#4 A pair of emergency brake cable spacers.

You will also need to take the bus nose cone off of the bus trans and use it on the bug or type 3 transmission. By far the easiest way to lower the back of your bus. We also have several different types of brand spanking new made in the USA spring plates from off set to dog legged straight axle and IRS as well as adjustable.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 24 in


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