Wagenswest custom vw bus suspension

How to install Wagenswest parking brake spacer tube.

For 1949-67 Volkswagen buses with type 1 beetle swing axle transmissions + axles and brakes.

These tubes take up the slack, and make it possible to use full length springs on 1964-67 bus parking brake cables, in your 1949-67 VW bus, when using a beetle swing axles for lowering the rear of the bus.

Pre 1961 buses use the 64-67 cables, but need to be shortened accordingly.

The biggest thing to point out about the install, Is the cable clip and how it needs to be ground out for the spring to go through, SEE  PHOTOS.


Extender tube notch spotGrinding parkingbrake exteder clipnotching extender tube clip with die grinderspring through backing platefull size photo of parking brake spring in tubeExtender tube from the backExtender tube from back of backing plate