How to install Wagenswest VW bus beam adjusters

How to change the seal races on 1968 - 1979 Volkswagen bus front spindles.

Many old school VW mechanics, do not know that this part comes off. In 1968 Volkswagen decided to make the seal races, on the spindles of Volkswagen buses, removable. At some point and time you might need to move the race to another spindle. This will show you how to do this and It is relatively easy.

First you will need

Safety Glasses
A hammer
A sacrificial flat blade screw driver

Photo # 1 - find the small flat holes at the base of the seal race, there should be one on each side.

Photo #2 – use the screw driver and hammer to pop the race off, moving from one side to the other, it will wobble off.

Photo #3 – put some sealer on the inside of the race.

Photo#4 – gently, tap around in a circle, installing the race on to the new spindle.


Dude done, onto the next one!




sealing the race


tapping the race on with a hammer