Wagenswest custom vw bus suspension

Wagenswest Horseshoe plate install

This is a photo shoot that should come in handy when installing the 1968-79 Wagenswest 3.25 Horseshoe plates on the rear of your bus.

Some things to consider.

The trailing arms and spring plates stay down in the stock location and the only part that gets moved up to the next two bolt holes would be the bearing housing.

A hole should be cut in the spring plate in order for the e-brake cable to go through it.

Before tightening every thing down make sure all the mating surfaces are flush and aligned properly.

In order to get more than a 3.25 inch drop indexing the torsion is necessary.

Horseshoe plates are best suited for stock wheels, with a negative off set. When switching to aluminum rims with a more positive off set you will need to use the 4.5 narrowing drop plate.