Wagenswest custom vw bus suspension

How to, install a center pin,

in a Wagenswest built narrowed bus beam.

Wagenswest bus beams are made with standardized center pin housings. Designed after the 1968-79 factory bus pin housing, our pin housings use post 1968 center pin bushings, but it will accept both the early and late hardware and pin.

The top section of photos shows how the post 1967 bay window hardware should be installed.
The bottom section of photos shows how the pre 1968 split window hardware should be installed.

The last photo in the first section - shows how you clamp it all down with a swing lever, before you install the pinch bolt.

The biggest difference in the two hardware styles is the placement of the flat thrust washer and spring washer. Post 1968 center pin housings, on the bottom use a smaller wavy spring washer and a larger flat thrust washer at the top of the pin, under the dust cap (see photos).

Opposite - is the 1955-67 buses, the thrust washer is smaller and the spring washer is larger in diameter, on these year buses the flat thrust washer is on the bottom and the wavy spring washer is on top (see photos).

So if it comes time to replace an old center pin, on a Wagenswest beam, make sure you buy a post 1968 pin. Part number   211 498 171 A.