Wagenswest custom vw bus suspension

1955-67 dual circuit bus master cylinder kit installation directions.

This is the standard when it comes to a dual master cylinder conversions for the 1955-67 VW bus, it is basically the same kit used by all the custom bus parts suppliers.

The two reasons to use this kit are.

#1 the reservoir has dual circuits or 2 chambers, so if one of your brakes leak you will still have pressure to either the front or rear wheels.

#2 the 1971-79 bus master cylinder is made for disk brakes, it has no residual pressure check valve, so when you use this master cylinder with disk brakes they will not drag.

The first photo on the left is a drawing of the 1971-79 master cylinder installed to a bus frame with the Wagenswest spacer kit and reservoir.
If you click on the first photo it links to the large file, feel free to print that out and use it when you install your master cylinder.

master print