Wagenswest custom vw bus suspension

How to notch the rear frame-rail of a bay window,

to make room for the CV joint.


Most of the time when lowering a bay bus '1968-79' more than 4.5 inches, it is necessary to notch the rear frame rail.

This is to make room for the 'Constant velocity joint' and or the 'axle shaft'.

#1 First thing I like to do is find a fire extinguisher, you will be work damn close to the fuel line and under the gas tank. If at all possible I like to remove the gas tank, this requires pulling the engine out first.

#2 Once you have made the proper safety precautions, you will need a 6 inch long piece of 4 inch schedule 40 pipe to make half moon caps. With these caps or half pipes you will trace around the 'calculated collapsed location' of the CV joint / axle or the place it would be if it could go into the frame.

#3 Using a gas or plasma cutting torch, cut out a dish following your previously traced lines.

#4 Grind and clean up the cuts in order to make a clean fit for your half moon caps.

#5 Tack and weld in you your notch caps.

#6 Clean and paint them.

Bam, now your are ready to go. Put your bus back together.



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