Wagenswest custom vw bus suspension

Machining pre 1963 bus rear drums to fit 1968 and later type-1 rear brakes.

When lowering the rear of a pre 1967 bus it is standard practice to convert over to a beetle transmission.

This means either using a pre 1969 swing axle bug transmission or post 1968 IRS transmission and trailing arms, both of the for mentioned transmissions use the same diameter brakes as a pre 1963 bus.

In short “with a couple of modifications” a pair of 1963 and earlier bus rear drums will bolt up to a post 1968 bug rear end.

This is how to do that.

#1 = Remove 17 mm from the snout ' see photo #1'.

#2 = Remove the inner fin closest to the backing plate and furthest from the lug surface 'see photo #2'.

When machining the back fin off you will want to square up into the second fin 1.5 mm.

Then shorten the depth of the drum by machining the rim by 2 mm.




Post 1968 Bug rear drums have a 63.5mm / 2.5 inch long female spline.

Pre 1963 Bus rear drums have a 90.50mm / 3 5/8 inch long female spline.


Image 1Image 2