Wagenswest custom vw bus suspension

How to raise your 1955-67 steering box

This how-to uses a Wagenswest steering box raise kit. It is made to assist you in raising your 1955-67 VW bus steering box up 1.25 inch. In my experience that is the sweet spot before you have to cut in to the floor and chop your steering column down.

#1 Remove your steering box.

#2 Use the supplied template to mark your cuts to the frame. (See photos)

#3 Make your cuts carefully with a saws-all or cutting wheel.

#4 Bolt the cut out section of frame to the steering box then put the box back in the bus and tack in the frame section.

#5 Remove the box and tack on the supplied gussets. (See photos)

#6 Weld it all up.

#7 Use the supplied brake lever template to mark and gusset the arm with supplied gusset. (See photos)

#8 Use the supplied brake arm template to mark and notch out the brake arm to clear the steering out put shaft. (See photos)

#9 Put it all back together.

#10 Get your buddies to double check your work.





















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