I started Wagenswest around 2000 after seeing the need for better bus suspension parts. My Name is Nate , Born In Long Beach CA, I then grew up in the custom hot rod and metal melding culture of Southern California, My father was an old school car and bike builder that grew up with the likes of Big Daddy Roth, I could often catch Mr. Roth driving his pin striped Honda Civic down my street, with a big nasty man-sized rat fink in the passenger seat. I like to think that this kind of creativity rubbed off on me a bit. In the 1990’s I moved up from the Inland Empire to Salem,Oregon. Here  I found a bunch of old  Volkswagen buses that the hippies brought up during the 1960’s and 70’s. What does a boy from SO CAL do with a bus? Answer = slam it and make it go fast. Now the goal is to build the best VW bus suspension that we can, constantly improving is the name of the game at Wagenswest.

This show wouldn’t be possible without the customers and hard working curmudgeons below.


  • VW bus torsion springs getting narrowed at Wagenswest
    Chandler narrowing spring packs up.


Nate Curtis @ Wagenswest