Core Return Policy

Core Return Policy

We often require a ‘Core’ or offer discounts and or refunds for ‘Cores’, cores are any part that would come on your car from the factory, that we use to rebuild, recondition,or use to make a new part from. The ‘Core Charge’ is the amount that we charge the customer if a physical core is not supplied by the customer.  The core charge is often refundable; core charges may also have an added convenience fee that is not refundable.Customer cores are not always in acceptable condition; if the core parts are in poor condition and we deem them unusable, unsafe to reuse or rebuild, Wagenswest reserves the right to reject them and no refund will be sent to the customer, we will do our best to notify the customer to make arrangements for the return shipment of the rejected core part.

Typical things to look for in core parts.

Spindles with scored, rough, pitted or bent shafts.

Torsion spring packs with cracks or missing leaves.

Spring plates that have been cut, or modified.

Trailing arms that are bent, or have worn out shafts.

If you have cores and you are not sure if the condition is acceptable, please contact us,

we can often verify the condition with photos before you ship them. 

We want your core parts these parts help us help you.