Bus narrowed air ride beam, for 1955-79 Volkswagen Buses


Waht year bus do you have ?

How narrow ?




Wagenswest narrowed air ride beam, can be made custom, but come 4″ inches narrowed and utilize two 2500 pound air bags, the bags sit inside the frame rails of the bus. The beam is designed to use the stock narrowed springs in both top and bottom tube, with the top spring being held by an adjuster and the bottom spring supported by the air bags. The ride height and air bag travel is dependent on the adjustable pre-load of the top spring.

Our narrowed air ride beam is labor intensive and the bottom tube is just plum full of goodies that make this thing work awesome!

This Bus narrowed air ride beam includes, air bags and Wagenswest OE Style needle bearings or bushings as well as a new center pin.

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.If you have any questions or are interested in ordering a VW bus air ride beam please email parts@wagenswest.com


Additional information

Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 38 in


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