Porsche 944 Wilwood 4 piston caliper upgrade kit front and rear 1983-89 NA 924s


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Porsche 944 Wilwood 4 piston caliper upgrade kit caliper kit is for 944, 924S, 928S.

Wagenswest originally designed this Porsche 944 Wilwood brake kit, for outlaw VW bus builders. Bus and General Volkswagen air cooled restorers / builders both use 944 front rotors, hubs, spindles, +  rear hubs, rotors, and IRS trailing arms. This scavenging of junk yards from VW heads for 944 suspension parts. Has worked so well, that this has made 944 Porsche lovers have to compete for used parts with VW bus enthusiast.

Anyway the only thing that sucks on 944 brakes are the calipers. That is why we set out to make this kit, and it has worked very well. In fact this hub and bolt on rotor design, that you see in the 944, is from the 911. Wagenswest has inserted it into most of our brakes that we make for VW buses.

This Porsche 944 Wilwood caliper kit was engineered to install Wilwood 4 piston calipers on all 4 corners of a naturally aspirated, Porsche 944 from 1983-89. The front calipers have 4 x 1.75″ pistons and the rear are 4 x 1.38″, the difference in piston size from front to rear is for hydraulic proportion, putting more pressure to the front wheels like it should be.

This kit will also fit the 924 S cars (5 lug non Brembo cars). If you have questions about the fitment feel free to email the shop.

Works with stock 944 master cylinder. Or 1971-79 Bus master cylinder.

NOTE — in the rear you will need to die grind or clearance the bearing cap casting ears to make room for the Wilwood caliper – see photo 1– and photo 2.

This kit comes with

4  calipers, 4 custom caliper mounts, 2 sets of – a total of 8 pads, brake line adapters, and mounting hardware. Calipers come in either anodize gun metal gray or red powder coated “for an added charge”.

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in