Narrowed adjustable 1955-67 VW bus beam 4″ inch


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Narrowed adjustable, Wagenswest¬† 4″ inch VW bus beam

High quality and hand built in the USA. This narrowed adjustable beam is for buses from 1955-67. We make them 4″ inch narrowed.

Wagenswest narrowed adjustable beams include, premium bearings, OEM style composite or needle , depending on the year of your bus. Also a new center pin, and a torsion spring narrowing tool.

You will need a set of narrowed tie rods , you can add them to the order , just pick the option below.

All of our narrowed beams come with a 2′ degree rake to help with caster.

No modifications to the bus needed to install, these beams are ready to bolt up!

Most often it is a 4 week wait on us shipping these beams.

We use brand new CNC cut,  machined, and welded steel, to make our beams.

beams come painted black!

GUARANTEED to the Original buyer for the life of the bus if anything should need replaced prematurely send it back we will repair/replace and ship it back no charge!


Understanding why we narrow Volkswagen bus beams.

Volkswagen buses use (truck offsets) wide axles and negative offset wheels . Passenger cars (bugs) were built with narrower axle widths and wider offset wheels.  And aftermarket Volkswagen wheels are built using passenger car or (bug offsets), and we want to use these aftermarket wheels. This is why we narrow beams, to compensate for the track increase.

Reasons to go narrow

After market brakes add positive offset, and a narrowed beam helps with this increased width to make the wheels tuck. Custom geometry for steering and to set the tire in the sweet spot and reduce rubbing tires. From scratch means we can change some things. Like adding torsion spring adjusters, for changing ride height. And we modify the tube geometry, to achieve better handling.

Reason to not go narrow

You don’t want to slam the bus. Or you are using wheels with negative offsets. Or lifting the bus. Or you just don’t fly like that.

Here is a bus guys secret, get 5″ inch drop hybrids + < offset Porsche wheels + stock width beam = slammed (no narrowed beam)

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Weight 55 lbs


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