1968-79 Wagenswest 4″ inch narrowed adjustable VW bus beam





Wagenswest -1968-79 VW bus 4″ inch narrowed adjustable needle bearing beam.


About a 4 week lead time.

Included with the beam


DOM tube construction with laser and cnc machined parts.

A new center pin.

Premium needle and Delrin bearings.

Top and bottom adjusters.

Grease zerks.


Spring narrowing tool.

High quality and hand built in the USA.

Built for any year bus from 1968-79  at 4” inches narrowed. All of our beams are adjustable and include Wagenswest OEM style needle bearings.

All of our 1968-79 narrowed beams have a dual bolt pattern, meaning they will bolt into both 1955-67 split window buses, and 1968-79 bay window buses, providing you use all ball joint components with the beam.

These beams come with 2 degrees rake to help with caster. No modifications to the bus needed to install, these beams are ready to bolt up!

You will need narrowed tie rods, and you can buy them with the beam above.

We do make 2″ 3″ and 5″ inch narrowed beams via custom order, call or email if interested.

1″ inch raised beam option,

The 1” inch raised beam option is included in our beams with a second bolt pattern, to aid in getting more of a drop and better ground clearance. Here is the deal with 1968-79 bay window buses; because of the ball joint design, the beam hangs down roughly 1” inch more than split window bus beams do.  So when you install a 1” inch raised beam you gain 1” inch of ground clearance and in effect you turn a set of 2.5” inch dropped spindles into 3.5”inch drops.

This option has a cost, —— wait for it —— you will need to notch / cut above the beam 1”inch higher, you will also need to remove the heater tube over the beam, leave it out or replace with flex hose, you will also have some cables to move. This is a bit of work but has a big payoff.  The 1”inch raised beams have dual side plate bolt patters so you can bolt them in the stock spot if you chicken out.

Drop spindles are always a good idea, and you can find them at the year links below, as well as the full lowering kit too.




Slam Bay Special lowering kit

These beams are built using brand new machined steel and are GUARANTEED to the Original buyer for the life of the bus if anything should need replaced prematurely send it back we will repair/replace and ship it back no charge!

Additional information

Weight 74 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 36 in


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