Wagenswest 1968-79 VW bus lowering kit, the “Slam Bay Special”


Please understand that we build these kits to order and it is a 4-6 week wait.

Thank you! Nate @ Wagenswest

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The WagenswestSLAM BAY SPECIAL” No short cuts here, no junk or getting almost what you wanted.

This VW bus lowering kit comes with,

Wagenswest built, 4 Inch narrowed, 2 degree raked, adjustable beam, with NEW, OEM style needle bearings  ( was a $150 upgrade).

Kit includes, narrowed tie rods and narrowed torsion springs.

Wagenswest built, 2.5 inch dropped spindles.

Wagenswest built, 3.25 Horseshoe rear drop plates, Or upgrade to the 4.5 rear drop plates if your are going real low and want to run aftermarket aluminum wheels.

This kit will drop your bus from 3.25 inches lower than stock, to 8 or more inches lower than stock. We build custom stuff and if you don’t see something you may want, feel free to call us.

Cores. — If you would like to save 300.00, just check “sending in my cores” in the last two options when ordering, then box up your spindles and torsion springs along with a copy of your order. You can ship them to our shop. After we receive the cores we will ship out your parts.When sending the cores back for a refund (after the fact), we deduct a 25.00 convenience fee, from the refund.

When in comes to the torsion springs, you can save money by purchasing a Wagenswest spring narrowing tool, and narrowing your own torsion springs, instructions here.

1″ inch raised beam option,

The 1” inch raised beam option is included in our beams with a dual bolt pattern, to aid in getting more of a drop and better ground clearance. Here is the deal with 1968-79 bay window buses; because of the ball joint design, the beam hangs down roughly 1” inch more than split window bus beams do.  So when you install a 1” inch raised beam you gain 1” inch of ground clearance and in effect you turn a set of 2.5” inch dropped spindles into 3.5”inch drops. This option has a cost, —— wait for it —— you will need to notch / cut above the beam 1”inch higher, you will also need to remove the heater tube over the beam, leave it out or replace with flex hose, you will also have some cables to move. This is a bit of work but has a big payoff.  The 1”inch raised beams have dual side plate bolt patters so you can bolt them in the stock spot if you chicken out.


As always you can pay the core charge,then later return the stock parts for a refund after you get your parts.


Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 36 in


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